The Beauty of my Nakedness

It took me a long time to really grasp the fact that I can share everything with God. That prayer was an intimate time between me and the One who created me. The one who knows me better than I know myself. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with baring my soul to the savior of my soul without feeling ashamed. It’s that shameful feeling that keeps many of us silent about our deepest, darkest fears and transgressions. The good news is that God already knows and His Love covers a multitude of sins. We tend to miss the point of prayer, which is establishing a relationship with God. A relationship built on love, respect, trust, and authentic transparency.

God loves to hear our voices! He wants us to talk to him about whatever is on our hearts and whatever is weighing on our minds. You won’t conquer what you refuse to confess to God. The enemy uses your silence as a weapon against you to hold you captive. Baring your soul to God will free you in ways you can’t even imagine. Holding it in just keeps you tied up, tangled up and bound.

I wrote this poem titled, “The Beauty of my Nakedness”, to encourage people to shut down the shame by getting emotionally, mentally, and spiritually naked before God. He won’t turn you away; he will speak to your nakedness in the way that you need Him to. Haven’t you cried enough about it? Aren’t you drained from all the energy it takes to hide it? Isn’t it tiring for you to keep pretending it didn’t happen? Do you really believe your silence will make it go away?

It is my prayer that you will embrace the Beauty of your Nakedness….


I’ve taken off my guilt/shed my fear/dried my tears
No more shame because I’m not playing the game… Anymore
I’ve stepped out of my insecurities, embraced vulnerability and now i’m standing on my truth
My feet planted in promises that open my eyes to the lies that told me to hide
I now see I was committing spiritual suicide… holding on to pride… trying to resurrect what God said let die
Ashes to ashes dust to dust… faking and perpetrating like the weight of my choices didn’t birth distrust…AHHHHHHH that was a bust
Naked I came into this world..Naked with no shame
My cry was a joyful sound, a sound that meant I was alive!
My unclothed body soft to the touch
The beauty of my nakedness was a feast for the eyes who waited with great anticipation for the moment to see me bare
From the bottom of my feet to my head full of hair
The beauty of my nakedness was not despised for it brought joy to my loved ones eyes
In the moment from womb to chest my nakedness, my cry, symbolized I was blessed
Yes, the beauty of my nakedness…God help me to rejoice in this mental choice to see
Beauty of my nakedness…symbolizing I can drop the act, cut the games, stop faking the funk, and start facing me…the real me… the naked me
Help me to believe in beauty of my nakedness
My tears of mourning no longer blinding me to the joy you have set before me
The beauty of my nakedness…I’m awakened to its power to blow up the great “cover up”
For I was suffocating under all of the pretense, the pain, the past faults that painted me with shame,
The hookup that broke up my mental frame of sanity and replaced it with insanity because I operated outside of my divine identity
Weeping controlled my nights, tears seasoned my pillow
But the joy of The Lord has give me the strength to press through my dark time and feel the warmth of morning time


The Light of the S-U-N Shining on me as the light of God shines through me
And now that I’m no longer a prisoner of my sin, no longer held hostage by my past
There is one question, one question I must ask
Who told me I was naked in the first place?
Before I can embrace the beauty of my spiritual bareness I must research the conception of its perceived ugliness
Because in order to fully appreciate the joy of morning time, one must understand the path that led us to weep

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