Cardi B and the Sex Revolution

“I don’t cook/ I don’t clean/ but let me tell you/ how I got this ring.”

One of the few “clean” lyric lines from the number one song on both the Streaming Songs and Digital Song Sales charts. With 93 million U.S. streams, rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are the dynamic duo behind WAP, which is the most ever for a song in its first week of release.

What is WAP you ask? Well, it’s an acronym that describes the female genitalia. Before some of you go into shock, I must tell you that this song has birthed a sexual revolution among women who praise it, and an attitude of disdain from women who feel its message is disturbing. Use your WAP to get a man, get his money, and get the ring. Joining me to discuss this are two of the hottest radio personalities in Northeast Ohio — from 93.1 WZAK Sam Sylk and Bijou Star, as well as Joy Bostic, a professor at Case Western Reserve University in the department of religious studies who has taught courses on rapper Kendrick Lamar, popular culture and African history and culture.