Whether it’s emceeing a community event, speaking to students, delivering a spiritual message or reporting on the news of the day, Danita Harris brings a genuine energy to everything she does. She’s known for her down-to-earth persona that makes all who meet her feel like a friend. Danita has adopted as her life’s mantra, “to whom much is given, much is required”. This site will introduce you to this woman who wears many hats but has only one purpose. That purpose is to inform, inspire and empower people to discover their purpose and live life to the fullest.

Welcome to my website!

A place that’s designed to give you more than just a snapshot of who I am but more importantly, how my purpose is to encourage and empower people to live an abundant life. My desire is that this site would uplift, challenge, and provoke you to discover your purpose while providing you with inspirational nuggets to fuel your spirit along the journey.
As a journalist and a minister, I use the written and spoken word to touch the lives of people. I am grateful that I have a unique resume where my profession, my purpose, and my passion are in alignment and complement each other perfectly.

So as you peruse the site, you will see Danita the broadcast journalist, Danita the motivational speaker, and Danita the minister. What I hope you feel is Danita the woman. Danita, who is transparent about her imperfections and yields her life to a Higher Power to be perfected for her divine purpose.

Again I say, welcome and enjoy!

"I Matter" Keynote Presentation

Cleveland Clinic's Celebrate Sisterhood Luncheon 2019

Voices for Change:

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